Smoking Ban From the Socialist Republic of Illinois

Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Illinois!

On January 1, Illinois became a smoke free state. Now, I’m not a smoker, but this law is just the kind of thing our governor wants – more control of everyone.

I get the idea of making smoking sections/areas that will allow others in public places to not have to be subjected to the smoke. But no smoking in bars – where is the sense in that? If you don’t want to be subjected to smoke in these type of environments, don’t go there or don’t work there. Simple right. I guess not according to the State of Illinois.

Making things like this the law of the land smacks the founders in the face. This is the type of socialist policy I would expect in Communist China or the former USSR. What’s next, a ban on drinking in bars? (credit for this idea goes to my patriot father)

A great perspective can be found at

Of course, this is just my opinion.


3 Responses

  1. I agree, this is the land of the FREE, not the land of the controlled!! Let’s hear it for the freedom of choice.

  2. Its called being victums of our own enlightenment. That plus tabacco is a great international trade product that can kill lots of people in other counties… So they say. maybe its a really really slow weapon.

  3. I agree here…This smoking bad is just plain BS!
    I don’t smoke anymore myself, but I was a smoker for 20+ years…
    This Ban is going to, heck is effecting the economy right now…
    ~75% of people who frequent Bars are smokers. Now these patrons will Buy their alcohol and take it home…leaving bars to go under…
    I have several friends that work in factories, and now the smokers there have to completely leave the factory to smoke…and this has led to many losing their job…
    Unfortunately this country is no longer the “Land of the Free”… The politicians of today need to go back and actually READ our constitution…and bill of rights…
    Heh…and this comment is rather appropriate…
    “Long live the Empire!”

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