Illegal Immigrants vs Legal Immigrants

It seems that the national debate on Illegal Immigration is not really addressing the problem. President Bush seems bent on appeasing the Hispanic community (the illegal ones who can’t vote I presume) with his lack luster response to the growing problem. Politicians on both sides take insane positions on how to fix the problem.

The argument that these people (illegals) work in jobs that legal Americans will not is looking at things in the right light. We’re really talking about agricultural products in many of the border states primarily, other states to a lesser degree. I’m not an economist, but when an industry is faced with a shift in labor costs, innovation prevails. What happened when the cotton industry lost cheap labor? They innovated. The same thing can happen in many other industries. UC Davis is always working on this type of stuff for the agricultural industry.

The real solution to the problem is to:

  • Penalize the Employers for hiring illegals. Beef up enforcement to really go after the employers. They won’t find everyone, but if it is more expensive to hire illegals, the advantage will go away for the employer. When the jobs dry up, the problem slowly dries up.
  • Build a fence at the Mexican border and staff it with border agents. Sounds easy, but it seems some people don’t like this solution. Too expensive, not effective, it may upset the habitat of the African Nose-Picking Snail, or whatever. As Col. Potter would say, “Horse Hockey.”

Most will say this is much too simplistic, but it is a real start to combat the problem. After these things are achieved, we can start to actually deport those who are illegally in the country.

Of course, this is just my opinion

Robs Rant

One Response

  1. This problem, Illegals working here in the States is not just in the border states…Right here in Southern Illinois, where I live, there are several orchards and farms that have Illegals working on them this very moment. Meanwhile I also know of many many people who have lived here all their lives and was born here…that cannot find a job…
    The border fence idea…very costly…A fence stretching over 1900+ miles? I’m not saying we don’t need this…but just think of what it would take to get it to work…
    The idea of cracking down on the Employers Yes… They hire illegals to save $$ if it costs them more to do it they will hire Americans.

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