Alcatraz Island a Global Peace Center?

When I visited San Francisco a couple of years ago, my main goal was to visit Alcatraz Island. I have always been facinated by this prison because of it’s location and the many movies that have been made about it. The most popular was “Escape From Alcatraz” with SF native Clint Eastwood. It lived up to it’s billing as a very intersting trip.

I found it comical that a group in the ultra-liberal San Francisco (kind of an oxymoron) have gotten a proposition on the Feb. 5 ballot to convert Alcatraz Island into the Global Peace Center. Yes, you read it right. Actually, they got 20,000 other idiots to actually sign a petition to get it on the ballot.

Why I think this is so comical is that the City of San Francisco can really do nothing to covert the island into a “Global Peace Center” or any other rediculous cause. The island is managed by the National Park Service thus under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. An act of Congress would have to occur to make any changes. I would suspect that even Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t be willing to even back this.
Just another idiotic proposal that will do nothing and waste resources. I suppose if you really want to create a Global Peace Center, there are plenty of islands out in the middle of the Pacific that are uninhabited that could be used for this type of use, but I suppose that this is not the point.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

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