Steroids, Baseball and Congress

What have we come to in the United States? I’ll never understand why there is such interest from members of Congress about possible steriod use by major league baseball players. Isn’t there anything else they could be doing?

Let’s see – there’s that war thing in Iraq and Afghanistan, we’re not drilling enough oil in our country, taxes are out of sight…. yeah, that’s seems about right.

Whether there was steroid and hgh use by ball players is really no business of Congress. This is more of a law enforcement issue, and even then the evidence is shaky. We’re relying on the word of a couple former trainers? Where is the real evidence of wrongdoing? I’m no detective, but I do watch law and order on occasion and this all seems to be very circumstancial. If the players don’t admit to drug use, where does that leave us?

Bottom line, this is not something that Congress should actually be involved with.

Of course, that’s just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

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