Attack on Philadelphia Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America has helped more boys become men than most any other organization. They learn leadership, values and teamwork. The history of the organization dates back to England with Lord Baden Powell starting something, based on a military model, to quell youth violence at the time. Things have not really changed that much with the organization.

In many communities, especially in the inner city, the Boy Scouts is one of the only rays of hope for weary parents trying to keep their kids off the street. Earlier this week the Philadelphia City Council voted 16-1 to evict the Boy Scouts from their headquartered location in downtown Philadelphia if they did not start paying market rate for the land – around $200,000 per year. The land was leased to them 80 years ago by the city to build an office, which they did. Recently they spent 2.5 million restoring the building from private donations.

So what’s the problem? Evidently the youth of Philadelphia is not as important as allowing gay scoutmasters and scouts to be a part of the Council. The Boy Scouts is a private organization and thus has it’s own rules – no openly gay scoutmasters, no athiests, etc. The Boy Scouts of America has spent countless resources fighting these battles in courts accross the country. Those resources could be much better spent on the boys – but that is not of interest to the gay activists.

How about this – start your own group. Call it the Rainbow Scouts, or the Fairy Scouts or the Gay Scouts. If there is such a need for this type of “diversity”, then pull out that great American spirit and create something from nothing. Daniel Beard brought the idea of the Boy Scouts to America in 1910 – feel free to do the same. In the meantime, leave the Boy Scouts alone and take your agenda elsewhere.

Of course, that is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

Link to WSJ Article

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