Obama’s Racist Preacher

I’ve been following the saga of Obama’s preacher and his racist rants from the pulpit. I’m confused that Obama had no conversations with him about his racial views. None? For 20 years? Come on. I’ll believe that pigs can fly before I’ll buy into that lie.

I don’t know about anyone else, but if I went to a church and didn’t agree with what was preached from the pulpit, I would leave for another church. I wouldn’t stay there for 20 years, be married by that same preacher and let my kids be baptized by him. I wouldn’t let my family or myself be influenced by that filth.

If John McCain or any other Republican or Conservative went to a church (for 20 years) or anyplace else for that matter, where there were racist views preached against blacks (i.e. David Duke, White Supremacists, etc), the pundits on the right AND left would excoriate him. The fact that Obama has received a semi-pass is indicative of the double standard that exists with this issue. We can’t seem to have an honest dialogue without getting PC about everything. Racism works many ways, it’s not just for whites anymore.

Of Course, that’s just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

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