Rush Limbaugh & Voter Fraud?

I sometimes catch news programs on MSNBC. Of course, it’s on accident, but sometimes things catch my eye (no one really watches the network). I was in my hotel lobby tonight and saw a conversation with one of their biased anchors talking about possible voter fraud in Ohio. The commentator was discussing the issue with two ultra liberal guests talking about whether voters in Ohio could be charged with a felony for crossing over and voting for Hillary.

If you don’t understand – join the club. At the time of the Ohio and Texas elections, it was all but settled on the Right side of the aisle. If Hillary stays in the ballgame, then the process gets spread out until the Democratic convention this summer. Rush Limbaugh and other radio commentators encouraged voters to cross over and vote for Hillary to prolong the agony. Now some say that this is outright fraud and they should be charged as such. What???

If you want to cross over and vote for anyone in any election, who frickin’ cares. And really, how is it really “crossing over”. There are more independents in the US than those who identify with any one party – at least that’s what we are told. Could they be charged for not voting in the “independent” primary? Of course not, mainly because there is none.

Bottom line is that this is just done for attention and to keep the idea of disenfranchising the voter in the news. The only thing being disenfranchised is our intelligence.

Of Course, that’s just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

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