Does Anyone Know What They Are Talking About?

With the Presidential election a couple days away, it seems the country is still divided. I’m convinced that the pollsters do not have a clue on how this one is going to play out. If we remember the past two elections it seemed that the Democratic candidates were way out in front on election day, but we found that it was much closer in the end.

An interesting thing happens when people go into the election booth – they don’t have a pollster in their face (or on the phone) asking how they voted. Many people many want to appear unbiased, but vote their principles when in the booth.

For instance, voting for the black candidate may seem the politically correct view, but that really shouldn’t even figure into the equation. Who really cares the color of ones skin, it’s all about their views and what they can do for the country. If a conservative candidate, like Michael Steele or JC Watts (both black), would run for President, I doubt that they would receive 90% of the black vote. Who is actually biased here?

The more conservative candidate, John McCain, still has a real chance of pulling this out, but it is an uphill battle – or is it? We’ll see in a couple of days if the polls were right, or a little off. If Obama is not up more than 5 points on election day, it’s a dead heat.

Of Course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant


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