McCain – Palin = The Best Bet For Our Future

I am not a McCain fan. I believe he is a centrist Republican and not the conservative voice we need, but he is light years better than Barack Obama. I’ve been amazed the totally biased coverage given us by the main stream media. The only sane national voice is really FoxNews and Conservative talk radio. Without them, we wouldn’t know anything about many many issues – from Rev. Jeremiah Wright to the terrorist Bill Ayres. Below are a few videos and ads that highlight some of these scandals:

Rev. Wright

Bill Ayres – Terrorist

ACORN – Voter Fraud Group

Tony Rezko – Convicted Crook

These are only a couple of the reasons NOT to send Barack Obama to the White House. Send him back to the Senate. Wake up America – Socialism is coming to Washington.

Of Course, That is just my opinion

Rob’s Rant