Voter Imtimidation in Philadelphia

It seems that the Black Panthers really really want Obama elected. So much so that they are intimidating those at a Polling place in Philadelphia. According to Fox 29 in Philadelphia, two individuals were standing at the entrance dressed in Black Panther garb with one brandishing a night stick.

Seems to me that Obama supporters are looking at every avenue available to suppress the McCain vote in Philadelphia. Where’s the outrage at this kind of action. I doubt there will be many news stories or national outcry. What a surprise?

We’ll see if this really makes any difference, especially since the polls are tightening in Pennsylvania.

Of course, that is just my opinion

Rob’s Rant.


One Last Item Before You Vote

By now I’m sure you have seen the video below created and made by an Iraq War Veteran. Just a last minute reminder before you go into the booth. Whose the patriot here. Who will keep us safe. Really, there is only one choice.

Hopefully, that’s not just my opinion. Happy voting.

Rob’s Rant