New Era In America

The election is finally over. After nearly 4 years of campaigning, it’s done. Man I’m tired.

I’m not surprised of the result, but the result does scare me. Having a radical liberal socialist in the White House should scare all of our citizens. It seems that the power of slick marketing and rhetoric trumps common sense.
Now that we are done and have a new President, we should further explore just who we got and open the package. I feel like we’re sitting around the tree on Christmas morning with all the wonderful presents. Your Mom and Dad tell you that they got you some great gifts and you’ll just love them. The only problem is that you can’t open them up to see what you have received. Kind of like Obama. No one has really delved into his associations, ideas, plan for our great country. I believe that many will be shocked in some of his associations and ideas -but maybe that is a pipe dream.
I truely hope that things turn around, but I’m not hopeful. Will he be able to inact all of his liberal ideas. I doubt it – and hope not. It would be viturally impossible for him to do everything promised – it would bankrupt our country. The reality is that the taxes for the producers will go up and those that pay no tax will get a check. Where I’m from we call that welfare.
Of course, that’s just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant