Obama Going After Speedy Gonzalez!

President Obama has announced that he is considering sending troops to the US-Mexico border.  The violence at the border is horrendous and is coming to a head in the Mexico streets.  All I can say is – It’s About Time!

President Bush was very weak when dealing with border issues.  Yes, a fence is being built, but we have done nothing to stem the flow of illegal aliens to the US. 

I’m a realist, I know this will not lead to comprehensive immigration reform.  No president in modern times has really wanted to deal with this crisis to our economy and social services.  Obama will be no different as they look at the illegals as potential voters to the democratic party. 

If I were President of the United States, here would be my 5-Point plan:

1.  Send US troops down to the border to stop the flow of illegals.

2.  Make sure the fence is secure with no gaps.  If we do some type of environmental damage, so be it.  The illegals inflict more damage near the border than anyone else.

3.  Go after employers that hire illegals and fine them, maybe put the owners in jail.  Start with the big companies and work you way down.  With the threat there, many of the problems will cure themselves.  Plenty of jobs for Americans presently out of work.

4.  Deny any social benefits to illegals.  If it’s an emergency situation, treat the injury, and send them packing.  If a child has been born here and is considered a US citizen, let them go packing also.  Parents who come to the US to have a child just so they are US Citizens is a ridiculous idea and should be repealed.

5.  Continue to enforce the laws currently on the books and strike the term “Amnesty” from our language.  Amnesty policies only create more illegals.  (Hear that Reagan and W?)

There is my 5-Point plan to fix the illegal immigration problem.  If these folks want to stand in line like all the other law abiding hopeful citizens, so be it.  We are a land of many people and cultures.  No where in the world is like this country, but you have to follow the law.  And last time I checked, they are called Illegal Immigrants for a reason – they have broken the law.

Of course, that is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/first100days/2009/03/12/obama-considers-request-deploy-troops-mexican-border/


4 Responses

  1. LOL!

    You belong to the 2% who voted for Tom Tancredo during the Republican Primaries.

    So you can only wish you were the President. So keep dreaming and I must say you should wake up to see we elected a Congress and a President who is willing to tackle this issue. And mark my words, this will be dealt with swiftly with plenty of Moderate and intelligent Republicans!

    But then only it the Majority’s OPINION! 😀

    Adios Amigo!

    • We’ll see if this issue is dealt with swiftly in the Obama years. If I remember right, the Democrats have had absolute power in Congress since 2006 and have done nothing. If enough Democrats would have chosen to get tough on illegal immigration, something would have been done regardless of what President Bush and John McCain wanted.

      Plenty of Republicans AND Democrats have had several opportunities to actually do something on illegal immigration. Sadly, very few did anything – on either side. I’ve seen no evidence that the Democrats will deal with the problem any differently as it has been dealt with before and would love to see your evidence that the result will be any different in a totally democratic administration. From what I have observed the democrats are as guilty as the republicans. There be some huge money with this illegal workforce for both sides to cave.

      The opinion of most American’s, including Hispanics in America, is that everyone should follow the rule of law. I assume that is what you were referring to in your final paragraph.

      If Obama choose to get tough on this issue, I’ll be behind him 100%, but I would rather take the odds to Vegas on the opposite.

      Below is a great quote from Newsbatch.com explaining this issue on both sides of the aisle:

      Where do Democrats and Republicans stand on immigration issues?

      In general, Democrats vote to encourage immigration and Republicans are for greater enforcement at the border areas. But immigration is not a strictly partisan issue. Many business interests supported by Republicans rely on immigrant labor and and many labor interests supported by Democrats often take a protectionist position on immigration issues. Certain key votes during the last decade demonstrate this uneven pattern. http://www.newsbatch.com/immigration.htm

  2. Rob, Your thinking is sound! I agree with you. Immigration is all about people and borders are all about security. I am ashamed that America has raised several generations of mostly idiots. I know that sounds harsh, but so many of our problems are being caused by people who don’t understand what a family is all about, nor do they understand what holding down a good job means. Blather seems to be the “talk of the day” and most of the ideas I hear won’t rise above the ceiling. Neighbor? What’s that? I have neighbors and don’t know but a hanful of them. Yet, I’m supposed to allow total illegal alien strangers come to my neighborhood? Doesn’t make sense. That type of policy making is idiotic. To all who can’t see past the end of their noses, I say “If you aren’t part of the solution, you ARE the problem”. My2Cents

    • Well said. I doubt that many in the administration will actually do anything about illegal immigration. The last President did little to nothing and I expect even less with our current President. Time will tell.

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