Kool-Aid Man Pushing Wiper Fluid?

Are we really this stupid?  It seems so. 

Hey, Kool-Aid!

Hey, Kool-Aid!

Evidently a Day Care worker in Arkansas mistook Windshield Wiper Fluid for Kool-Aid.  She actually took the time to pour the fluid in cups for a group of children.  Didn’t she see the smiling face on the side to signify it is kool-aid?  Doesn’t that Kool-aid guy bust through the wall everytime kids yell “Kool-Aid!”

All kidding aside, what is the educational level of the people in our country – even the one’s caring for our children?  I assume a sane person would actually be able to read the packaging, wonder why they had to push down the cap, punch through the foil top (usually reserved to make sure children can’t drink it) and actaully smell the alcohol in the wiper fluid (not the good kind of alcohol). 





Just curious, when is the end of the world coming?  I think we’re getting close.
Of Course, this is just my opinion.
Rob’s Rant

2 Responses

  1. You do realize, from a striclty biological standpoint, that we are the ONLY species on the planet that does not follow natural selection. The way things are going, we are all moving forward to the brink of extinction. I hope this brightens your day.

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