Lax Airport Security?

tsabombI was traveling a couple of weeks ago via air – pretty common for my job.  I was passing through the Airport in Indianapolis, IN on my way to another destination and noticed a new security device.  After I went through the first checkpoint showing my ID and boarding pass (as usual) I was ushered into a new security measure that I stood in while it checked me out.  It was not busy at this time of day and I asked one of the TSA agents what this new device checked for on my person.  Being very helpful he indicated that it does a more thorough check.  Sounded good to me, I’m all for additional checks at security.

My concern came later as we neared the time to board the flight.  I observed a couple of TSA agents approach the area near where we would be boarding.  This fact made me a bit curious on what was happening.  We were informed that the agents would be rechecking all of the boarding passes and ID’s a second time before we boarded the plane.

Now I’m all for security, but come on!  This does not make me feel safe after going through two checks at the security gate – one very extensive one at that!   I expected this type of over-reaching security effort after 911 (they did two checks back then – one at security and one at the gate), but what is the problem now?  I thought that the government and their TSA agents had taken care of this.  After what happened a little over a week ago in St. Louis with those TSA Agents (see this great post by my buddies at The Great Illuminator), I’m more than a little leery of our airport security procedures.  I now question whether the TSA is doing a proper job at the main security check-in.

I’m sure now I will be subjected to several screenings, a body-cavity search and a “thorough” interrogation by our friendly TSA agents. 

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant


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