Penn State Hates The Military?

Ok, that’s a little sensational, but it really makes a point doesn’t it?

One thing that really irritates me (OK, there are several things) is the disrespect some hold of the military and those who have volunteered for service.  A friend of mine from The Great Illuminator sent me this video from Penn State University on how to cope with “Worrysome Student Behaviors“.   The video depicts a university instructor who is having problems with a “veteran”.  What really galls me is the emphasis they they put on the “veteran” part and the lack of educational fortitude from the actor playing the veteran.   I believe this shows a greater disrespect for the entire military.

News Flash to Penn State…some of the most brilliant individuals are in all branches of the military much like any college or university (including Penn State).   The liberal bias towards the military is very thick in this presentation.  They have since taken the video off of their website, but not before the PSU Republican Club posted it on their Youtube site.    Make sure you visit their website and thank this group for highlighting idiocy.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant