Air Force One Invades New York City

Yesterday the fine citizens, and tourists, in New York City were treated to a fly over by Air Force One flanked by fighter jets.  (OK, it was just a plane that is used as Air Force One when the President is on board. )  My first question would be, what kind of idiot would allow this kind of crazy stunt to happen.  To fly over the site of the World Trade Center?

The incompetent White House spokesman Robert Gibbs again stammers through a press conference when questioned about the incident.  How did this guy actually get a job at the White House?  He must have pictures of Senior White House officials with various farm animals.

When you don’t even tell the Mayor of New York City, there is a problem.

If this would have happened during the Bush Administration the press coverage would have been a different story.  You would have thought it was Watergate.  As it stands this will get minimal attention because the savior is in DC.  All hail King Obama!

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

3 Responses

  1. Well… a good number of the folks running in terror from Air Force One voted for the guy who is responsible for letting it make the flyover. So we’ll relax our outrage a bit.

    Still… who is running the White House? They don’t know where Air Force One (both versions) are at a given time? Incompetence? Oh yeah.. and they want to rule the world.

  2. I posted on this on my blog as well. While I don’t necessarily want to blame President Barack Hussein Obama on this, it is typical of a government that is totally out of touch. Any US business would have used Photoshop to create this effect but instead our government does an actual flyover costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. My opinions are at

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