Arlen Specter Comes Out of the Closet

arlenspectorNo he’s not carrying the rainbow flag in the parade, but Arlen Specter did switch sides on Tuesday.  He confirmed what most conservatives have known for some time that he is really a lukewarm polititian (or maverick as it is known in the political world).  The bible has a great passage in Revelations regarding being lukewarm:

So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

Revelation 3:16 (New International Version)

My first thought was, it’s about time!  Senator Specter has been on the liberal end of many important issues for some time and this just confirms everything. 

He stated that he Republican Party left him and went too far to the right.  Really?  I think that is what the Republican party is all about – conservative values, less government, more control to the people instead of the government. 

The real truth is that he knew he would not be elected as a Republican in Pennsylvania and is thinking only of himself with this switch.  I seriously doubt that he will be elected as a Democrat.  Why would a democratic voter hire a former Republican that switched sides because he knew he would not be reelected as a Republican.  I suppose those same people voted for Obama, so maybe I’m giving them too much credit, but this may be the best thing that could have happened for the long term.

Voting Record

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

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  1. The GOP is dying; good riddance.

    • You think? I would say that the GOP is throwing off the dead wood. Specter has been dead wood for some time.

      The problem with the GOP is the fact they have moved to the center. The left doesn’t move to the center – they move to the left. They may campagin as centrist, but usually govern from the left end of the spectrum – for the most part. The only way that the Republicans can revive themselves is to get back to their roots and be the party of conservative values again. This maverick crap is just that.

      Just so you know, I’m not a Republican, I’m a conservative, so I really would like to see conservative candidates – on either side. I’ll take what I can get at this point.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I do think. The GOP isn’t moving towards the center, they’re moving further right, religiously and adversarially. The Dems are staying in the center. Few Dems are liberal or left wing, many fully support big business and rarely support the working class.

    I still vote dem because there’s more of a chance of getting closer to what I’d like to see. I’ve yet to see a candidate that represents my views.

    If the GOP would give up there angst and anger over the religious moral values, then players like Sarah Palin would be laughed at and more serious conservative reps would take back the party. Until then, I think they’re doomed.

    • I take a different outlook on the political shift in America. The GOP moved to the center in the last election. McCain was a terrible candidate because he hangs out in the middle but to be honest about it he was vaulted to that position by early primaries where moderates, democrats and liberal Republicans gave him the nod. Once you get a certain momentum in the primary system there is a me too factor with the electorate. Most people to delve into political stuff like we do – they just give a cursory read fo the candidates and issues and vote. Sad but true in many cases.

      I honestly hope the current format of the GOP is doomed. I don’t see conservative values espoused in the major candidates and I really believe that is what will win them elections. If you look at the dichotomy of the California election – Elected Obama yet Prop 8 passed. Who would have thought that would happen. There is interesting evidence that the citizenry is more conservative than liberal but there needs to be a true Conservative candidate in the coming elections to test the theory.

      I’m also in the same boat that I have not seen a candidate that wholey represents my views, the best I can hope for is someone who is close. I haven’t seen that in a long time.

  3. I’m not sure what you mean by McCain moving towards center when he chose Palin as his VP; you couldn’t be more conservative, socially.

    Prop. 8 passed in California because of a false advertising campaign saying that gays were going to teach kids about homosexuality and THAT”S why Prop 8 should be passed, even though prop. 8 has nothing to do with education. It was a false campaign that was better funded, mainly by the Saddleback Church and the Mormon Church. The recent polls, nation wide, show that the majority favor gay marriage rights and in the last year three states have brought up legislature addressing its approval.

    Maybe you mean fiscal when you describe yourself as conservative; it’s true the GOP hasn’t been that ever though they paint themselves as such. But socially, the GOP is moving further and further right away from middle America. You’ve got major candidates calling for the rewriting of the constitution to fit biblical law even. That would have been laughed at in Reagan’s day, now it’s a serious consideration within some GOP circles.

    • McCain has always been in the center. If he would not have chosen Palin as his VP choice he would not have received near the amount of votes that he did. She is the only reason that gave him life down the stretch as she was able to bring in huge crowds. If the financial meltdown wouldn’t have happened the political fortunes would have probably been different. The world will never know. Frankly I wasn’t on McCain’s side, but the alternative really scared me – still does now that it’s a reality.

      As far as Prop 8, not sure how you can falsly advertise the issue – it was pretty cut and dry as far as I can tell. Maybe voters should learn English before they vote – just an idea. Wording – “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California” – seems pretty transparent to me, but what do I know.

      It was a false campaign that was better funded, mainly by the Saddleback Church and the Mormon Church.

      The advertising spending in this fight was fairly even – the opponents raised slightly more than those in favor of the ban, so your claim really doesn’t hold water. Sure the Mormon Church and other gave a lot of money to the cause, but so did the ultra liberal and Hollywood types.

      The recent polls, nation wide, show that the majority favor gay marriage rights and in the last year three states have brought up legislature addressing its approval.

      Surveys have been pretty split on gay marriage but more favorable for civil unions. Have you ever asked why there is such a push for gay marriage when it seems that civil unions essentially do the same thing and would probably be an easier pill to swollow? That has always been a curious question for me. I’m also curious that when these ballot measures are brought up for vote by the citizens that vote in favor of traditional marriage. Handling these things in a legislative way is a back door tactic and subverts what the public has voted for in the first place.

      There is a grand struggle in the GOP from the Country Club Republicans and the Conservative Republicans. Caught without a party are those that have traditional Conservative values – less government, more self reliance and more personal choices. We’ll have to agree to disagree on the GOP, but frankly I don’t care where they go from here. We’re not in Reagan’s time and doubt we ever will be, but that doesn’t stop every GOP candidate from mentioning his name. Reagan had his faults for sure but had a lot more good ideas about the economy than bad.

  4. Well, I guess it’s all relative. I’ve never thought McCain was center, he’s right of center. Palin is far right of center. Obama is center, Kucinich is left of center, Nader is left of center.

    I don’t think Palin helped McCain out at all. He would have gotten those votes without her, and he wouldn’t have scared off so many Republicans that couldn’t support a religious fanatic like Palin.

    Civil unions aren’t the same as marriage, they do not have the same rights or benefits. Another idea is to take marriage out of the governments hands completely. Everyone gets civil unions. IF you want to get “married” that’s between you and your church. The government’s role would end at the contract of a civil union between two people, giving them all the same rights as those given to married couples now.

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