Cinco De Quatro?

Those of you who might have slept through Spanish class in High School that is translated as the “Fifth of Four” or something close to that.   Now, I feel compelled to bring up this sort of gaff as it was done ad nauseum over the last eight years in the Bush White House.  The video below shows this gaff (you only have to watch the first 30 seconds or so unless you really like torturing yourself).

Juxtapose this statement with the one below:

I think you should take your own advise Mr. President.  Take a couple classes in Spanish or brush up on your Spanish alphabet.  Or maybe, fire your teleprompter.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant


3 Responses

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  2. Cinco the Quatro was actually a joke, as clearly visible in the video.

    You do win the award for the most innovative and insightful post of the day ever in the history of the Obama watch — which is sarcasm (dripping in sarcasm, actually). I say this to both answer a response you had asking me whether I knew of or could recognize sarcasm.

    The truth is, I can dish it out (and take it). Well placed sarcasm – and to the heart of your matter to boot.

    • Well thank you so much for this honor…I want to thank my Mom and Dad, my High School Coach, and of course, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…..

      Funny, I guess I didn’t see the same thing you did in the video as I do believe it was a gaff. Not really a big deal, but I felt compelled to make a big deal of it. See, if this would have happened during the last eight years there would have been wall to wall coverage and special events on how President Bush is a complete dufus that he doesn’t even know his Spanish numbers. We would hear from Latinos on how he is a dufus for not knowing his Spanish numbers. Etc. Etc. Etc.

      The point really was that this stuff is not really a big deal now that the Savior Obama is in power. Funny how the coverage changes when the (R) becomes a (D). Glad you get sarcasm but I don’t believe this post had any – just the facts on video.

      I long for the day that we have a press that actually just reports the news and leaves the opinions to boobs like me – and you – to opine and argue about ad nauseum.

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