Founding Father Series: William Houston

houston_w_110William Houston

William Houston was the son of Sir Patrick Houston, a member of the council under the royal government of Georgia. He was born in 1755 in Savannah, GA. Houston received a liberal education, which included legal training at Inner Temple in London. The War for Independence cut short his training, and Houston returned home to Georgia. For many years members of Houston’s family had been high officials in the colony. With the onset of war, many remained loyal to the crown, but William, a zealous advocate of colonists’ rights, was among the first to counsel resistance to British aggression.

Houston represented Georgia in the Continental Congress from 1783 through 1786. He was chosen as one of Georgia’s agents to settle a boundary dispute with South Carolina in 1785 and was one of the original trustees of the University of Georgia at Athens.

When the Constitutional Convention convened in 1787, Houston presented his credentials as one of Georgia’s delegates. He stayed for only a short time, from June 1 until about July 23, but he was present during the debate on the representation question. Houston split Georgia’s vote on equal representation in the Senate, voting “nay” against Abraham Baldwin’s “aye.”

Houston died in Savannah on March 17, 1813, and was interred in St. Paul’s Chapel, New York City.

Copy taken directly from the National Archives Website:

Image: Courtesy of The Georgia Historical Society

UK Heads Toward Censorship

Michael SavageIs there any wonder we broke away from these guys over 200 years ago?  The UK version of the US Homeland Security has released a list of people they have banned from entering the country including White Supremacists, Islamic Extremists and an American talk show host.  A talk show host?  Are you kidding?

The talk show host is Michael Savage.  Those you who don’t know him or have not listened to him…he’s an extreme right host.  Most of the time he is way too radical for my taste, but not to the extent of fomenting violence.  Now, I’m more of a Glenn Beck guy – kind of radical but much lighter in the presentation – Savage light I guess.  This move by the ruling party (Labour Party) led by UK Socialist Gordon Brown is a direct attempt to censor opposing viewpoints.  I have no idea of the UK laws, but we are heading toward the same type of policy in this country.

The so-called “Fairness Doctrine” has been floated by liberal politicians as a way to stifle the conservative message in America.  This type of policy places limits on radio stations to bring a “balanced” approach to their station by bringing opposing viewpoints and ideas.  The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been an outspoken advocate of this idea.  What happened the the free market deciding these things?  What happened to the off button on the radio? 

There is a new idea, well not so new as it has been tried before, called the Performance Tax.  Essentially this is a run around to squeeze more money out of radio stations – talk and music playing – for the record companies.  If enacted the stations that play music of any type would have to pay this tax.  Now I’m an advocate of artists being paid for their work and stations and others that use music already do pay – upwards of $550 million annually in royalties.  This excessive new tax seems to be a stealth fairness doctrine extracting money from stations and ultimately shuttering those stations.  One step closer to total Socialist control of the airwaves in my mind.  This subject is way to complicated to cover in this short post about Savage but it is related.  We’ll do that later.

Of course, that is just my opinion.

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