The Dark Pelosi

I just love Steven Crowder.  He uses some awesome comedy to really hit home on all kinds of issues.  I love the “Joker” reference.  Enjoy.

Of course, that is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

3 Responses

  1. Most people I know debate the merits of an idea, not the person. The Daily Show is a prime example of comedy attacking an idea. It does not attack Limbaugh, it demonstrates the contradictions in what he says from one day to the next. It did not attack Cheney, it attacked his contradictions.

    Crowder attacks the person. You are propagating this by inclusion in your blog.

    More of this personal-attacks breeds more of this, which you definitely did not like.

    Neither is elevating the debate; none of you are solving a problem.

    (You should read Eric Hoffer’s 1951 The True Believer about the drivers of one sided partisan believers. Here is a link to it in Wikipedia: )

    • I’m fine with that. I think Crowder is right on and speaking the truth instead of ignorant speculation. The point of this post was that of hipocracy of the media.

      I would debate that “most people” attack the contradiction – that’s just laughable. How many personal attacks have we seen from those that you mentioned – Limbaugh, Cheney and others you didn’t mention?

      I’ll get to Eric Hoffer’s book as soon as I get to some of the other books you suggested. I have no doubt that it’s a partisan book, but I’ll make my own mind up. I refuse to even pick up the book from Al Franken – not a real reliable source in my book, but that’s just my opinion. Also, can’t you find these books sourced outside of the unreliable Wikipedia? I’m surprised from a source guy like yourself.

  2. Those links are all fine. Read away.

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