So Long George Tiller

georgetillerEvidently someone took out their rage on infamous abortion doctor George Tiller and shot and killed him Sunday morning at his church.  (Dr. Tiller went to church? Really?)

Now, I’m a Pro-Life from conception kind of guy.  We can argue back and forth whether life begins at conception, but in my book, the Partial-Birth Abortion procedure is extremely heinous.  This procedure consists of delivering the baby, all but the head, jamming a sharp object into the skull of the infant and sucking out the brains.  Pretty gruesome in my book and very unnecessary.  Take out the “health of the mother” cases, which I have my doubts there are many of those that require this procedure, but I’m sure someone will “enlighten” me on the subject.

From the news accounts I have read there were only two doctors that performed this type of procedure in the United States.  I guess that is somewhat comforting.  NPR actually presented a pretty good overview of this procedure.

The gentleman that has been picked up for this crime sounds a little unstable.  Anyone that promotes the killing of an abortion doctor has to be a little unstable.  The Pro-Life position would be inconsistent if it promoted such behavior.  Every major Pro-Life group has denounced this action as the always do when this type of thing occurs, but there are always a couple of kooks out there that get the ear of the news media.  Funny though, I don’t see the same interest in the babies that Mr. Tiller has killed over the years, but what do I know? 

Attention: this video depicts drawings of the Partial Birth Abortion procedure.

We live in a society that puts very little on the price of a human life but we’ll go to the ends of the earth to prosecute anyone that hurts an animal.  I’m not condoning cruelty to animals, but how much coverage did Michael Vick get for beating and killing dogs?  More than the case deserved in my book. 

I’m sure Dr. Tiller is now finding out if God agrees with his life’s work.  How will God react?  I’m not a prophet so I have no idea, but I can’t wait to ask the Almighty One someday.  Maybe it went something like this:

Dr. Tiller:   Hello St. Peter, I’m Dr. George Tiller.  Can I enter the Pearly Gates?

St. Peter:  Well Dr. Tiller, as Dr. Evil would say, “How about Nooo”.

Of course, that is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

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  1. Sucking the brains out of a baby that might survive outside the womb rather than inducing labor (with the hope the baby can survive outside the womb) takes a very sick individual. Dr. Tiller was a psychopathic killer.

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