The Boob Watch: July 2

No, it’s not what you might think (get your mind out of the gutter – this is not that type of website.)  According to, Boob is defined as a stupid person; fool; dunce.  In my book, this perfectly describes people like Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary.   How he became a spokesman for the Obama White House is a mystery.  Maybe there are incriminating pictures in his possession – who knows.  I guess this was part of the “change” we all were promised.

All that being explained, I am starting a new feature called The Boob Watch.  It will be published as needed to highlight Robert Gibbs and some of the idiotic things that come out of his mouth.  We may expand this to others in government (like VPOTUS Joe Biden and others), but we’ll start with Mr. Gibbs as he is an easy target.  Almost like shooting fish in a barrel.

The first video comes from a Press Conference yesterday.  It seems that the White House Corespondents are finally taking the White House Press Secretary to task much like they did the last four years (remember David Gregory harassing everyone the past four years?)  When Helen Thomas gets your goat, something is going wrong in your world.

Send an email?  Is he serious?  So much for that “transparency in government” that was promised in the campaign.  At least the POTUS can have Gibbs go out there and take the arrows.  Might be a smart move on his part.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

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