Michael Jackson RIP – Good Riddance ***UPDATE***

michael_jacksonI consider my Dad one of the most insightful people on the planet.  He is one of my heroes.  His wisdom and knowledge have been imparted to me and I’m sure I will never be the person he is, but there is always hope. 

We talked this morning about several current events – Cap and Trade, the coming Health care boondoggle along with the death of Michael Jackson.  I told him that I didn’t want to be morbid or callous, but that I really didn’t care much about the passing of Mr. Jackson.  We both agreed that the world is a better place without Michael Jackson.  Before I start to get hate mail from all the fans of Wacko Jacko, let me explain myself.

The life of Michael Jackson is a tragic one.  He and the other Jackson’s had a horrible childhood at the hands of their father.  He rose to become one of the most prolific entertainers the world has ever known.  His musical accomplishments are well known and indisputable.  Yes he was a Pop icon.  Yes he did great things for music.

As a father, all I can think of is his proclivity to molest small children.  Did these psychological problems stem from his horrible childhood – maybe – but that never excuses someone from these activities.  Society obviously judged him differently than other pedophiles.  The only difference with Michael Jackson and similar individuals currently sitting in prison (or former wards of the state) is that he had the money to pay off the families.  Like we know from the OJ case, just because you are not convicted in a court of law doesn’t mean you’re not guilty.  Sane people know the truth regardless of a court ruling.

All you fans of Michael Jackson take your time to mourn, but also remember all the disgusting things he has done and shattered lives that he has caused.  Mr. Jackson is lucky that those things were not done to my children as I’m not quite as magnanimous as others might be. 



Over the weekend Representative Peter King from New York made some great statements regarding the coverage of Michael Jackson.  Here is the original statement:

And here is Rep King backing up his statement on CNN:

Good for you Rep. King for standing up for your statements.  If you say something you should be ready to back it up and not pander to what everyone in the media expects or wants to hear.  I happen to agree with Rep. King, but it is refreshing to hear a politician back up his statements.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant


2 Responses

  1. Rob…

    Michael Jackson’s early demise was partly due to his drug addiction.

    I agree with you on the fact that although he wasn’t convicted for pedifelia, it is fact that he paid off a family to drop charges and he freely admitted that he took young children into his bed and thought there was nothing wrong with that. He was a demented, sick freak.

    I suppose one can say there is justice in the end.

    He died as result of bad decisions and risky behavior.

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