First Pitch Smackdown – Obama vs. Bush

I received an email from a charter member of the Rob’s Rant Revolution highlighting the difference between the first pitches of President Obama and President Bush.  Before you send me hate mail, this is just for fun – but very interesting if you like Baseball.



President Bush – First Pitch

  • 2-Seam Fastball. Will cut down-and away. The typical strikeout pitch.
  • Power-T position before the throw. Generates hip drive for max. velocity.
  • Eyes on the target.
  • Pitching hand cocked back so batter can’t see ball during delivery.
  • Business slacks. He ain’t here to play, hes gonna break the catchers hand.

Strike three – batter looking. Fastball looked inside coming towards plate then broke away on the inside corner.



President Obama – First Pitch

  • Palm ball. Comes in slow and doesn’t move.
  • No Power-T. Right hand hanging down towards dirt.
  • Eyes and mouth show fear that a batter will actually be in there to knock it 603 feet..
  • Pitching hand open so batter can see ball during delivery.
  • Blue jeans? When they asked him to throw out the first pitch he wrote a speech.

This ball will be hit so far it will need a flight attendant.






Interesting.   I suppose this is why we didn’t actually see the pitch to into the glove of Pujols’ glove at the All-Star Game.  Also, I guess it helps that Bush 43 owned part of an MLB team at one time. 

I have no idea who credit this email to, but I’ll be glad to if I find out.  Thanks in advance – I got a good laugh on this one.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant


12 Responses

  1. obama: bad at pitching, great at presidency.

    bush: great at pitching, DUIs, cocaine, and ruining several nations at a time.

    • Thanks for visiting the Rant Rob. Glad to have you.

      obama: bad at pitching, great at presidency.

      After 9 months, what has he done that has been great other than take over banks and the auto industry? Saddled us with massive bailout and “stimulus” programs. Yeah, great alright. Seems more like an acceleration of the questionable policies of the last 8 years.

      bush: great at pitching, DUIs, cocaine, and ruining several nations at a time.

      The DUI is not news. Cocaine is rumor.

      Which nations did he ruin?

      I know you were attempting to be humorous. Didn’t quite make it, but feel free to try again!

  2. In Response to rob,

    You failed at humor,period…

    In Response to robsrantings,

    Don’t egg him on, even though it could be humorous watching rob make countless efforts to be humorous.

    • wow. nicholas, the hipster humorist. careful, the counter-counter quip is kind of twatly… just like obama’s “fast” ball! wanna know what else is kind of puss-ish these days? answer: our reputation with every other nation with any kind of power potential. AT LEAST with bush in office, BS nations like iran and north korea (hell, even iraq) felt a little bit of fear (of a barrage of patriot missiles) every time they broke the rules. now they just piss on our requests and laugh at us (and our wannabe prez). keep throwing fastballs like a man, bush. i think we did vote the first female president into office, after all.

  3. Nicholas – if you don’t like it, don’t visit the website. Call President Obama when your tax bills go so high your descendants feel it.

  4. Obama supporters don’t pay taxes.

    That’s why they love his Marxist agenda – so they can get more of YOUR money.

    And they lack ANY ability to laugh at their messiah. This page is hilarious to all but the Obama humor-impaired.

  5. I was anti-obama to begin with but this seals the deal. This is my favorite. In second place is a bumper sticker that says somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its idiot. =)
    Hilarious page Rob. Dont let these left wing pansies tell you different.

  6. Oh, and FYI in that picture of President Bush throwing out the first pitch~ what you don’t see if the bullet proof vest he’s wearing. I’m sure none of you have had one on much less tried to throw a ball 60 feet 6 inches while wearing one.

  7. […] the end of other people’s words for a while. I have a lot more to throw out there, but I’m gonna hold off for a while because this writing escapade has begun to have a lot […]

  8. I came across your site on google and check out a few of your early articles. Continue with the very good articles. Ill likely be by again to read more, thanks for the information!.

  9. garbage…anyone seen bid laden lately?

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