Rev. Wright is Obama’s Homeboy (New Evidence)

“Rev. Wright, my pastor…represents the best of what the black church has to offer.” 

Really Mr. President.  I thought you barely knew him.

Very interesting.  I love the commentator – “Wonderful man there, Rev. Wright.”  Typical of the Obama machine- love ’em until a controversy erupts and then bring out the bus (to be run over with!)

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

20 Responses

  1. 2008 called. It said the election has been settled. Get over it.

    • It’s my blog, I’ll post what I want. Feel free to get your own blog. The are free and allow you the opportunity to express your own opinion. Wonderful concept. You should look into it.

      Regarding the video: Wonder why this stuff didn’t come out around the election or why the MSM didn’t bother to bring it up? (Or the GOP for that matter)

      Hopefully all of those star crossed Obama voters have come out of their drunken stupor. 2012 is right around the corner…..

  2. Your post has absolutely nothing that is new, revealing, or derogatory. It has been covered by the MSM over and over. If it is revealing to you, then I think you must have been out of the country last year.

    Everyone knows the following: Obama went to Rev Wright’s church, Obama wrote about it in his book, Obama had/has great admiration for Rev Wright – up until Rev Wright started to denounce whites.

    Rev Wright said almost nothing, word for word, that Pat Robertson and/or Jerry Falwell have also said. A week after 9/11 Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson were on TV saying 9/11 was caused by gays and sinners.

    All those deaths – gays and sinners.

    Do you seriously believe this video says anything new, and that continue this will not seriously harm the GOP’s because of their association with nutcase preachers?

    Another birther mentality

    • You and I may know about these associations, but no, the MSM did not cover this like they would have if a R would have done the same thing. To think otherwise is ignoring reality.

      I thought this was an interesting video, and since this is my site, I decided to post it. You are welcome to disagree with my opinion, but it’s still my site.

      Rev. Wright is a racist and Obama ran from that association when things got hot. None of this will harm the GOP more than the have already harmed themselves.

  3. You are daydreaming about MSM. The MSM ran many stories on Obama/Wright, very few on Pat Roberston and Jerry Wright.

    Your site and your video and your post aside, your perceptions that the MS are after just the R’s is a delusion. I can offer some serious proof.

  4. Why don’t you post about Pat Robertson’s comments ?

    • Pat Robertson has said many idiodic things over the years. Pinpoint your offending comment and I’ll be glad to comment. We’ll probably agree on something.

  5. You just want to spend time revisiting 2008 because you were bored.

  6. How about the Robertson comments? I am not trying to be flip here when I say that the comment was meant to provide you a suggestion to cure your interest in past historical YouTube videos.

    On an unrelated topic (well, related by media), a while back we had a discussion on Glenn Beck and what a raving, incoherent, and outright deceitful liar he is. So far 33 advertisers have dropped him and about half have dropped Fox altogether.

    There are a lot of nuts on media.

    • I honestly have no desire to research Robertson videos. He’s not in the news, Wright is. Since we’re revisiting 2008 and before, how about all this talk of CIA torture? If it’s ancient history to bring up Rev. Wright, what’s your stance on all this torture nonsense?

      Regarding Beck, gutless advertisers are abundant in media. Any perceived controversy from anywhere and some advertisers will drop. No matter that his ratings are through the roof (as well as Fox News). Advertisers will always follow the crowds and I doubt this is nothing more than a manufactured story from the HP or Daily Kos.

      Glenn Beck and what a raving, incoherent, and outright deceitful liar he is.

      Alright, examples please.

      Beck has been around a long time on radio, then at HLN and now on Fox News. He hasn’t changed his outlook and program (or his views), so I’m curious why he is just now an “incoherent, and outright deceitful liar” to everyone on the left all of a sudden.

  7. Torture has no place in my America.

    Wright hasn’t been in the news for about a year.

    Glenn Beck is an outright deceitful liar, not just to the left: factually a liar, as in a fact and a lie.

    I will post about Glenn on the following condition: if he has lied, you’ll admit it here. By extension, you’ll also have to then admit Rush and Palin lied as well.

    Conservatives: built on a lie.

    • Torture has no place in my America.

      I would dispute that torture was used as a part of harsh interrogation. What happened to the leave it in the past attitude by the Obama Adm? I realize that Holder is independent but come on. I think the proposed probes are grandstanding – nothing less.

      I will post about Glenn on the following condition: if he has lied, you’ll admit it here. By extension, you’ll also have to then admit Rush and Palin lied as well.

      Feel free to post whatever you want, but I’m not going to make this site a back and forth on who lied when. I know your agenda – conservatives are all sick freaks that should get out of the way of the big liberal machine. You are more than happy to comment on anything you want – I don’t delete your valid comments – never have. At the same time, I expect you to bring up all of those lies spouted by those not conservative in nature.

      So if you really want to spend your time commenting on this little blog, be my guest. I just can’t believe you don’t have something better to do with your time, but it’s your time.

  8. Quite frankly Rob you have no idea what the CIA has been doing. Your definition of torture include water boarding, something that the US executed people for committing in the past. Therefore, it is unlikely that your position on torture would be sustained on examination.

    Your way of dealing with politics is to excuse every dumb thing a conservative does on the left. Do your conservatives ever take personal responsibility?

    How about a higher standard where every dumb thing anyone does should be open for discussion?

    • Quite frankly Mike, I’m unaware of people being executed for Waterboarding. Show me the money.

      To me, if we save the lives of people, I’m all for Waterboarding, bamboo shoots or whatever gets the job done. Much better than the treatment that is given to prisoners in other countries (remember the beheading?). How about all those guys treated like kings down at Gitmo. They never had it so good – especially in a “prison.”

      Fortunately I am not making these decisions, but if I were I would not be as concerned about the human rights of a terrorist and more concerned with saving lives.

      Your way of dealing with politics is to excuse every dumb thing a conservative does on the left. Do your conservatives ever take personal responsibility?

      I assume you meant “on the right.” Just a guess.

      I really have no idea where you are going on this one.

      This is a partisan blog in case you haven’t guessed. I talk about things I am interested in. Sometimes I source things, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I reply to your comments, sometimes I don’t. I’m not a journalist, I’m an average Joe (or Rob) with an opinion. You don’t have to agree with my opinion. This is America – we are free to disagree on issues.

      I like pointing out dumb things that those on the left will do. Occasionally I will bring up dumb things from those on the right – or perceived right – do. That’s my prerogative. I watched the MSM poke fun at Bush for eight years – sometimes there were valid reasons on their part, sometimes not. It’s my turn.

      Don’t like it? There are plenty of other outlets out there for you to go to. I think we’ve waterboarded this pony to death.

  9. On waterboarding, Mr McCain said so in 2007. I’ll post a separate entry on the details.

    Almost the entire world can tell that your blog is partisan. As an individual, you have standards, and I am going to assume that you hold yourself to those standards. I would bet that those standards do not include lying.

    The question is, would you support a conservative that has lied, more than once? And if you would, then why?

    And if they lied, what are their standards. And don’t they have a personal responsibility to at least tell the truth?

  10. About waterboarding,

    Instead I was referencing the statement of a different member of the Senate: John McCain. On November 29, 2007, Sen. McCain, while campaigning in St. Petersburg, Florida, said, “Following World War II war crime trials were convened. The Japanese were tried and convicted and hung for war crimes committed against American POWs. Among those charges for which they were convicted was waterboarding.”

    Sen. McCain was right and the National Review Online is wrong. Politifact, the St. Petersburg Times’ truth-testing project (which this week was awarded a Pulitzer Prize), scrutinized Sen. McCain’s statement and found it to be true. Here’s the money quote from Politifact:

    “McCain is referencing the Tokyo Trials, officially known as the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. After World War II, an international coalition convened to prosecute Japanese soldiers charged with torture. At the top of the list of techniques was water-based interrogation, known variously then as ‘water cure,’ ‘water torture’ and ‘waterboarding,’ according to the charging documents. It simulates drowning.” Politifact went on to report, “A number of the Japanese soldiers convicted by American judges were hanged, while others received lengthy prison sentences or time in labor camps.”

    The folks at Politifact interviewed R. John Pritchard, the author of The Tokyo War Crimes Trial: The Complete Transcripts of the Proceedings of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. They also interviewed Yuma Totani, history professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, and consulted the Columbia Journal of Transnational Law, which published a law review article entitled, “Drop by Drop: Forgetting the History of Water Torture in U.S. Courts.” Bottom line: Sen. McCain was right in 2007 and National Review Online is wrong today. America did execute Japanese war criminals for waterboarding.

    • Pretty thin.

      Senator McCain has served his country valiantly. His tenacity and heroism in Viet Nam was unbelievable.

      That being said, he has bought the farm on many issues, including “torture.” From the documents that have been released so far I believe only 3 people have had the Waterboarding treating, so what’s the big deal? We didn’t behead them, we didn’t beat them to a pulp or any other tactic used by the enemy. Frankly I believe we are too soft on these enemy combatants. Welcome to 2009 Mike.

      While I appreciate the history lesson, we are not going to agree on the definition of torture.

  11. You asked for a link on who was executed for water boarding. I gave it to you. The article wasn’t about Mr. McCain, but you did a nice job of throwing him under the bus. One Republican doing another one a favor.

    You described Guantanamo inmates as living like Kings. Ridiculous even for the self delusional. They lived better than KIng Abdula, or Prince Charles, or George Bush? That’s why I called it ridiculous.

    The US did not use water boarding on Nazi prisoners, even when those may know about operations that would kill thousands of US combat troops.

    You want to mistreat prisoners, yet your picture is that of an open mouth self described complainer. What will you say on your blog to those who were punished severely at Guantanamo and later found innocent? Yes, I can link to those stories.

    Your statements on punishment, plus your lack of a statement against Glenn Beck lying demonstrates a partisan streak few would want for America.

    Either we uphold standards or we are no better than the enemy.

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