Glenn Beck Advertiser Boycott A Potential Gold Mine

beckpointingGlenn Beck has come under excruciating fire for expressing his opinion.  He has been doing this for quite some time on both radio and tv, but the left is just now catching up with him (probably because his ratings are through the roof.)  The video clip below, from Fox and Friends, gives a quick snippet of the “controversy”, but you can watch a longer clip from his show here.


From TV By The Numbers 8-26-09:

Though a little scandal might alienate advertisers, it’s pure ratings gold. Last night Glenn Beck had over 3 million viewers at 5pm, second only to O’Reilly for the night.  But, Beck had more 25-54 viewers than O’Reilly (888K to 876K).  I don’t watch or really even care about the cable news wars, but still…wow. Even though Beck airs before prime time,  when there are fewer people watching TV, he had the most 25-54 viewers in the cable news world for the night.

 The most interesting point is that his guest that evening was was Rush Limbaugh so I’m sure that had something to do about the high ratings.  These ratings are of course not long term, just one night, but Becks numbers have been increasing for quite some time.   This is despite a multitude of advertisers dropping their ads from Fox News and an all out assault from the left-wing nuts. 

I have always liked Glenn Beck.  He’s a little unhinged, but so am I, so I feel a kindred spirit.  I am unable to catch his show since it comes on at 4pm in the Midwest, but I occasionally catch his radio show.  I personally don’t care what the left pundits say or think about him, it won’t change my thoughts.  Sounds like millions of others don’t care about their opinions either.  Advertising follows numbers and they will trickle back as time goes on.  In this time of economic hardship, businesses can’t afford to be picky with their messenger because of a few activist groups.  The storm will pass and these linguini spined advertisers will come back in droves.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant


3 Responses


    Glenn Beck is apparently having some sort of breakdown. OLIGARHY isn’t even a word in any language on Earth.

    How can a broadcaster even claim to be legitimate with this kind of nonsense? Apparently because he has viewers like you.

    Another reason Glenn is losing his mind is because nothing has changed in the government in the last 7 months. And the only two things that are going to change are the elections of 2010 and 2012.

    So long as there is an election there can’t even be an OLIGARHY!

    The guy is bonkers. What does that say about his defenders ?

    • OK. I’ll give you the fact that he or his crew cannot spell or likes to make up words not in the English language. Is this all you have Mike?

      I wish I could watch his program but it’s on way too early. He’s entertaining. I like his off the wall commentary and evidently so do millions of other people.

      There is that little switch on the tv called a channel changer. Another one called an off switch. I suggest you use them from time to time. Just a friendly suggestion.

      I guess I’m bonkers too. Gladly so.

  2. The problem goes way deeper than he can’t spell. It appears that his entire staff can’t spell. The country isn’t even going into an OLIGARHY.

    What should be troublesome to you is that you believe what he says. Again, we are back at standard.

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