Kennedy Family Throws Grandson to the Wolves

Nice.  They just couldn’t have a nice funeral service for Teddy, they had to make it political.  What a disgrace and a shame.

What’s next?  The mentally handicapped?  The invalid?  The homeless? The downtrodden?   The huddled masses?  Where does the shame begin for the left?

Do it for Teddy?  I don’t think so.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant


10 Responses

  1. I don\’t understand what you mean when you wrote

    What’s next? The mentally handicapped? The invalid? The homeless? The downtrodden? The huddled masses? Where does the shame begin for the left?

    Isn\’t Health Care for All a goal Teddy prayed for, even mentioned it to the Pope?

    • Welcome Brewsky.

      What I was talking about in this post was who will the left exploit next? I’ll explain myself better next time. Sometimes I forget people actually read my blog.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. suddenly, mentioning Teddy’s life work is exploiting someone.

    if that were true, then every mention of some group in your blog is exploiting them. In that case, shame on you.

    • ???

      Making the funeral service a platform for politics is extremely wierd in my book, but using his grandson to push an agenda is low. Forget the fact that this is all the Ted Kennedy knew or identified with (politics). If the Health Care debate was not page one for the last month I wouldn’t have thought much about the comment. This was a calculated plan on the Kennedy’s part.

      Yeah, shame on me.

  3. If your life’s work was to focus on a single policy, say “Invade Iran”, then a celebration of your work would be in order at your funeral.

    You just don’t like the Kennedy’s, so when they cough you think it’s weird.

    • I don’t remember ever saying, “Invade Iran,” but I’m guessing your just trying to be clever.

      I don’t dislike the Kennedy’s as a family, but their judgement seems a little off. Throwing a child up there to deliver this message was calculated. No one can get mad at a child, especially a small one that has no idea what he is saying. I feel sorry for that young man.

      From what I have read, JFK and RFK were closer in principles to conservatives in modern times. I think they would be repulsed by the stances their brother has tken over the years, but that is speculation on my part.

  4. You didn’t answer the question. You went for the family relationship between the brothers.

    Between the left and the right is the center. To you, Ted Kennedy looks like the left. He has been demonized by the right and to you he is the far and weird left.

    Ted Kennedy is behind deregulation of Transport and Airlines. He is behind No Child Left Behind and countless other bills that are hardly left.

    From your point of view, Universal Health Care is left, and all of the rest of the right devils: socialism, and on and on. To me, and possibly to Kennedy, Universal Health Care is the engine of growth for America. It also happens to be the human and decent thing to to.

    The keys to economic growth anywhere, and specifically to health care, is competition. Today, HCIC (Health Care Insurance Companies) compete with each other by providing high cost, low value policies. I can probably pick apart the policy you have right now and tell you the many ways you will lose big time (as in lose your home and all your savings) should you or one of your children get something like cancer.

    Just adding a government option doesn’t create socialism. They said the same nonsense about socialism when Medicare was introduced in the 1960’s. America went on to the single largest growth period the world has ever seen.

    When Europe introduced their health care systems in the 1950’s they also experienced the single largest growth period the world has ever seen. Europe GDP per capita is greater than that of the US.

    HC as a growth engine works like this: We can’t have an industry that is 20% of GDP and has 15% inflation per year. It affects Medicare as much as it affects your pocket book. Ten years from now, your HC cost will cost you $3,000/month. Your employer may pay 2/3 of it, so you’ll be paying $1,000/mo.

    The essence of the Obama plan, based on the work of Kennedy and many others, is to introduce competition: minimum standards, coverage for all, no limits on coverage, preventive medicine, and removing unproductive procedures. Yes, I’d like to see tort reform and Republicans could have made that part of the package. They sit at the Senate gang of 6 table. They didn’t.

    Your fear is that a Government plan (GP) could drive all other plans out of business. Basic cost formulas would tell you that this simply can’t happen. If the GP was priced at 10% less than costs, the deficit in the plan would hit $2T. The government could not sustain that.

    Efficiencies in business allows them to deliver specialized extra services at extra cost. It happens today with Medicare. You can buy additional coverage. Businesses make a profit even on top of a GP.

    I believe that you simply don’t know Kennedy’s record. Your view is based on right-media (like Glenn Beck). I’ll post an interesting new movement on the Internet that shows that Glen’s tactics of insinuation are being used against him to prove murder.

    The point? Glenn is deceitful. There is a lot more to the Kennedy legacy than the view that he is far left. Ted Kennedy is following in the same footsteps as his two brothers, John and Robert.

    Don’t be fooled by right-radio talk heads.

    • You didn’t answer the question.

      Yes, I did.

      Again, I’ll never know why you spend your valuable time.

      Evidently you totally missed the subject of the post. Here it is again in a Cliff Notes version: Kennedy family exploits grandson and Teddy’s funeral. My take: dispicable and unnecessary.

      I expressed my opinion on the funeral service and you took that to some weird degree (even including Glenn Beck in the comments – where did that come from?). I posted no links to any story or opinion. Feel free to blather on about Teddy’s “accomplishments,” but they have nothing to do with the subject of the post.

  5. I got the point. My answer is that if your life’s work can be celebrated at your funeral, then so can Kennedy’s. Period.

    I think you find it “unnecessary” or worse because you don’t like the Kennedy’s legislative agenda. It is inconvenient for you to have a powerful voice for Health Care.

    I tried to show you that (a) Kennedy is not the left liberal you believe him to be, (b) how Kennedy views Health Care, and (c) your ideas on Kennedy likely come from right radio heads, which are wrong.

    Teddy’s accomplishments have everything to do with his what is said at his funeral and how you feel about Teddy.

    So here is a question for you: now that you know more about Kennedy, why do you dislike what he stands for?

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