UC Berkely Students Fail History Test

Alright, it wasn’t exactly a full blown history test but they didn’t pass anything with flying colors.

One of my favorites, Steven Crowder, hit another home run.  He traveled to the #1 institution in America – UC Berkeley to ask some questions of the smartest students in the land.

My favorite part is around 8:45 asking the single payer option students if Mary Jo Kopechne was in support of the public option (they were using Ted Kennedy’s image to promote the group.)  Also, I was a little surprised that none of these “enlightened” students indicated that Barack Obama was their favorite president.  Very interesting.

Aren’t they just priceless!

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

6 Responses

  1. Barak Obama ??

    Barack Obama

  2. Maybe Crowder has some competition. If you like people who have strong political views but don’t have a clue as to history or facts, then you’ll love this one


    Ever think that maybe some of them will know more when they graduate than they do today? They’ll be paid more for sure.

    • The link is not working.

      And yes, I hope that these students will know more when they graduate. I think the whole point of the video was to highlight the lack of good education is lacking in the US from top to bottom. Do we teach history and civics in the US?

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