Where is the Love for the Health Insurance Execs?

willferrellOne of my favorite actors is Will Ferrell.  His movies are some of the best comedies ever.  I can’t get together with my friends without quoting cinematic gems such as Anchorman, Old School or any of his awesome skits on SNL.  A true comedy icon.

Last week I came across a video put together by his company, Funny or Die.  The video pokes fun at the insurance companies in a tongue-in-cheek way.  Clever, but not truthful.  I’m convinced that insurance companies will make money no matter what system is in place as the government could never manage even a simple option.  They will need help from somewhere.  I doubt the pow wow at the White House with all the Health Insurance Execs was simply to scold them.  I believe it is self preservation.

These guys want a public option.   I find it curious that Moveon.org is involved in this project.  Not surprised, but curious.

Michael Wilson, writer for Big Hollywood, had an interesting perspective:

The actors and comedians in the PSA could literally buy health insurance for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of uninsured Americans. And they don’t even have to wait for the government to take their money at gunpoint. They can just do it. And they should. It’s clearly being positioned as a moral issue, so is it immoral for these folks to hoard money while children are suffering?

Well, the answer is “no.” It’s their money. And I think Will Ferrell should be able to keep as much of his dough as possible, even if he uses it to buy a mini-zoo in his back yard for exotic animals like a white tiger or Pygmy horses. If he chooses to buy me and a hundred thousand or so of my fellow uninsured Americans some insurance, it would go a long way toward establishing credibility. It would also prove that we don’t need government to force Americans to help each other.

It’s always nice to see things in perspective.  I’m sure Mr. Ferrell and his friends could buy and sell the Health Insurance Executives.  I am like Mike Wilson on this one, who cares how much money someone makes.  This is America and that should be part of the deal when being or becoming an American – unlimited potential to make as much money as you want.

As a counterpoint, some very creative people did a spoof of the Funny or Die video.   Very funny.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant


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