Detroit: The Armpit of America

I have traveled to Detroit numerous times on my way to western Ontario.  The best view of Detroit, in my opinion, is from Windsor, Ontario looking across the water.  As you will see in the video from Steven Crowder, Detroit is really the “Armpit of America” brought to you by the UAW and liberal politicians. 

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

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  2. If this were vaguely true, then San Fransisco, Boston, and Chicago would all be vast disaster pools. There are dying town all across fly over country, the next great tragedy in America, and most of those are in deep conservative country.

    I just came back from a part of So Carolina where the drop out rate matches Detroit and job opportunities few. It is deeply conservative and deeply religious. Its downtown rivals Detroit.

    I was up in Massachusetts where I visited tow cities, Lowell and Lawrence. They are just miles from each other, both mill towns on the Merrimack river. Lowell is flourishing. Lawrence is close to the problems Detroit has: run down, loss of jobs, the works. Both have deep Democrat roots and governments.

    The root causes of the problems in Lawrence are caused by resident apathy, corrupt and incompetent officials. Detroit’s problems are driven by the significant drop in jobs, a highly ineffective school board (which owns the responsibility for making schools better), corruption, ineptitude, and voter apathy.

    There are plenty of places where liberals have literally made cities and states come alive. Look at how Atlanta has grown since Lester Maddox was kicked out.

    Conservatives sure don’t have all the answers, and probably not liberals.

    What it takes is center non-political competency, people who know what they are doing instead of pushing an agenda, some incentives for jobs, a large dose of infrastructure (museums, parks, malls, lakes, outdoor recreation, effective police and fire, roads, and schools), and probably luck.

    I know you will probably be celebrating, so Merry Xmas.

    • The post was specifically referencing Detroit – which went along with the video. Problems abound many places, but Detroit is a great example of major problems.

      Detroit is a supreme embarrassment and I can’t wait to get out of the city every time I land at the airport.

      Have a good holiday. Just assuming that is Chanukah.

  3. It is quite clear that your post was what liberal politicians and the UAW brought, and Detroit is the result. Crowder wanted to make that point (ignoring all evidence to the contrary) and you bought it.

    I am sure you know SF and Boston are booming towns, run by ultra liberals.

    My point is that cities and towns boom or die based on economic forces, not because of strict adherence to quaint late 19th century and early 20th century overly simplistic political philosophies of left or right.

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