Ed Koch: Not Every Muslim Is A Terrorist ‘But There Are Hundreds Of Millions Who Are’

I don’t always agree with Ed Koch, but I liked his views espoused on Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox News.  He was commenting on that the President has refused to call the foiled Christmas day airplane attack as an act of terrorism.  No surprise that he is being totally PC and seems to have an aversion to creating any waves with radical muslims.

Ed tells it like it is:


Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

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  2. Hundreds of millions is inaccurate using simple math, so I can’t see why you would believe it. AQ probably can’t boast more than 15,000 fighters, and they pay for fighters.

    There are disturbing trends in Pakistan and Egypt of Muslim on Christian violence and there is the on-going Israel/ Palestinian war. The Israel/Palestine conflict is a traditional war and not related to Jihadism.

    By all accounts there are somewhere between 0.9B and 1.2B Muslims. In order for there to be hundreds of millions, 2 out of every 10 Muslims would want to kill a Christian or a Jew. All you have to look at a country like Indonesia to know that this isn’t true.

    Trust me, 2 out of 10 Muslims in Detroit don’t want to kill you.

    Your view, and Koch’s, are examples on xenophobia. This is a time when we need a game change to stop the eye for an eye mentality, not exaggerated, incorrect, and out of control numbers.

    Currently we are allowing radical extremist clerics be the only source of the basic needs of far too many Muslims. These radical elements are the only source of the word, wisdom, justice, health care, education, and in some cases protection.

    The crime against humanity has been that most Muslims live in extreme poverty. They lack clean running water, basic sanitation, education, opportunities, even a way out of poverty. GDP in the Muslim world would have to reach the GDP of the US for these people to begin to get out of poverty. The world has indeed become overpopulated.

    The problem is not the Western world. It is the conservative economic ideology that exists in these countries that exploits people. We could discuss what that ideology is, but I will say its a working example of what many conservatives want in America.

    Sadly, the number of radicalized Muslims is growing. But I doubt it will ever reach 1/2 of 1% (I’ll let you do the math), never mind hundreds of millions.

    I laid down a lot here for you, but Koch’s number is (radically) inaccurate. Shame on Koch.

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