Awesome Weatherman!

Why can’t the local St. Louis weather people do the weather report like this?  This would really inject some excitement into the weather report.  Hat’s off to Accu-Weather Dude Jim Kosek.  Awesome.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

11 Responses

  1. dumbest weather person ever, IMHO

  2. That wasn’t funny. I understand humor and I also understand that what is funny to me may not be funny to you. Most of us laugh at SNL or Seinfeld.

    I am surprised you found it funny. I don’t draw any conclusions from it.

    Just saying that weatherman is dopey.

  3. You may delete this when you receive it

    A background story on Glenn Beck (you think he is the piped piper. He is a self-described “borderline schizophrenic” and recovering drug addict turned Mormon convert.

    I think he is an idiot. Almost anyone can easily disprove the nonsense he spews, his innuendo and fake tears. I am surprised that there are that many Americans who would believe him – probably an indictment of the state of American education.

    • Delete it? How many of your posts have I deleted? I would say zero.

      I do love Beck and so do millions of others. As far as the state of American education, this has nothing to do with his success. If that is the case then one would wonder why so many more millions tune into NPR. I thought that was the intellectual network. Your analogy falls flat.

      Regardless of his past, mental status, etc., you are just sore because of his ratings and poignant insight. The left wing network MSNBC can’t keep up and essentially has no viewers. The only saving grace for them is all the conservative talking heads who actually show everyone what those idiots say each night, thus increasing their status through appearances on those shows.

      The constant barrage on Beck is really getting old. Don’t you have anything else? Are you that one dimensional? I’m guessing that you have too much time on his hands and miss sparring with me and others (too many other activities to post.)

  4. There is wise and then there is ridiculous. I say Glenn is the later and I say it’s pretty easy to prove.

    He says the Republic is going down the tubes: same story that was said in 1920’s about immigrants, 1930’s about social net, 1950’s about Sputnik, 1960’s about hippies, 1980’s about Government, 1990’s about Clinton. I can probably find doomsayers back into the 19th century. John Adams said it about Thomas Jefferson’s election.

    I don’t see how you can still believe Glenn after that bit of history.
    You can believe what you want, but I don’t think you can defend any of Glenn’s TV or radio programs. They are one-sided and almost always false. (and yes I can prove it. pick one).

    Ratings are the poorest excuse for defending truth. I don’t think you’ll get this analogy, but if popular demand was all that mattered then we would never need a trial by jury.

    Ratings means lots of people listen. It doesn’t mean the content is truthful. If you believe ratings then “I Love Lucy” would be an oracle.

    There is truth, there are defendable arguments, and then there are ratings. There can be no greater proof of the status of lack of education in America than ratings confused with truth or even valid arguments.

    We can take this into positive territory as follows: pick a segment of Glenn from YouTube. I’ll critique it and you defend it. We’ll see where it goes.

    • I’ll tell you what, when I feel the urge, I’ll post a Glenn Beck video. It sounds like you watch his show much more than I – I am rarely able to catch it. I have no desire to expend the energy just to give you something to argue about, plus, I really don’t have the extra time.

      And yes, “I Love Lucy” was and is an oracle of truth.

  5. Let me translate that for you: you’ll never do it.

    Not knowing how bad Glenn is is probably best. At least the offer was made.

    • Let me translate for you: I have no desire until it comes up in a post. I realize you don’t have much of a life and I know you long for a fight.

      Here’s and idea, create a site just to “debunk” Glenn Beck. Call it I’m sure you could gain a vast following of left wing wackos. Should be good fun. Let me know when it’s up and running.

  6. I’ll tell you what, if and when I feel the urge.

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