Olbermann Is Asked To Kill His Father

Sorry to put two posts from Keith Olbermann one after the other, but I just had to post this video.  If nothing else, he is a great resource for a blog like mine.

Mr. Olbermann went on his show during the Special Comment section and talked about his ill father.  The story is the same as many families have experienced with a loved one who is terminally ill.  These patients go through many tribulations and their families are stretched very thin.  I don’t wish that type of situation on anyone, even Mr. Olbermann.

Here is what I take from the end of this story (if you stayed with the video that long.)  Keith told us about his father’s interest in just having the plug pulled (he wanted Keith to kill him to end the suffering.)  He brought up the talk of Death Panels and that no one should have the say whether treatment should be stopped.  Who is doing this right now with the current health care system?  No one.

Whether there will be some kind of “death panel” or other entity deciding on end of life decisions is up for speculation.  If a bill actually gets passed and signed into law, we’ll see where that goes.  If the government is involved in the system, whether directly or just paying the bills, you can bet there will be some type of involvement in treatment decisions.  I’d much rather have a private health insurance company deciding my fate or that of my family than some government worker or panel, but that is just my preference.

I assume that Mr. Olbermann just felt like taking some kind of cheap shot at the “ghouls” as he calls them (that’s code for the hated Republicans.)  So be it.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

One Response

  1. I am honestly surprised that non-Republicans yet conservatives such as yourself don’t discuss the current death-panel problem — which is insidious. It affects more red states than blue states, and it affects people across the political spectrum.

    I am, of course, discussing health care company’s denial of care.

    The problem is that health care companies regularly deny expensive care. Their policies are highly technical and vague on their payment policies.

    Now you can be either Republican, and go along with the Republican program, or you can be conservative and apply basic rights of individuals to decisions.

    A basic right of any individual is that if you pay for a product all your life you are entitled to receive it’s benefits.

    The debate on health care is ludicrous: Republicans want the status quo, no stopping abuses, and have proposed reforms which save about 5% of the costs. See this from the health care debate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHqhCbxu2wk

    Reconciliation has been used 22 times since the 1980’s, 17 times by Republicans. I know that Obama called it evil, but I am all for passing it by 51 votes.

    If Obama had actually called it what the Founders wanted — and I noticed you did not correct this tidy bit — reconciliation has only been around since 1974.

    17 Republican – 5 Democrats. I am all for passing what the Founders had always intended: a simple majority.

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