Racists in SEIU – No Kidding!

Here in St. Louis we have witnessed the racism displayed (on video) by members of the SEIU union. We now have a SEIU Vice President indicating the same type of things from the white members. The actual term he uses is “white union members are so f***ing rabidly racist.” How nice.

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more about “SEIU Executive Vice President: White …“, posted with vodpod

If you are curious about the video from the beating of a black man (Kenneth Gladney) outside a health care forum put on by Rep. Russ Carnahan, here is the video:


Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

4 Responses

  1. You are quoting Gerry Hudson way out of context. He says that when he went to Wisconsin he encountered white workers whose attitudes are f***ing rabidly racist.

    First, he has every right to report what he encountered. Second, I have heard so f***ing rabidly racist comments about immigrants on right wing radio, so it isn’t out of the realm of reason that those comments should show up in everyday people.

    For example, I heard them referred to as as “dirty Mexicans” and that they bring diseases to America, and that was the small stuff.

    Are you suddenly saying that Gerry Hudson doesn’t have a right to report what he observed? Is free speech free only if you agree with it?

    Your post is low…

  2. The point of the post, in case you missed it, was that he pointed out that he has encountered racist attitudes in regards to white union workers. The point is that this is not really news – the SEIU members, mostly white, have been engaged in this type of behavior for some time. One example is the beating here in St. Louis of Kenneth Gladney (see video.)

    I think it is you who is taking things way out of context – I’m actually way in context on this one. Where in the post did I indicate that Mr. Hudson didn’t have the right to report his observations?

    It must be a slow night.

  3. You use the term “in regards to” which is confusing. It is either racism to or it is racism by white people. “In regards to” is, I think, your way of saying racism to white people.

    That position (racism to white people) is absolutely not supported by any statement in the clip that you have posted. Your assertion cannot both be in context and not in the clip.

    What Mr Hudson is saying is that he observed whites being racist enough to scare black people. He has every right to say that.

    Your blog entry is either about something not on the clip, or it is complaining that Mr Hudson is speaking at all, or both.

    But it certainly isn’t anything related to the title of your post.

  4. Your install of WordPress must be broken. The two items you posted on the AZ Immigration bill don’t allow comments. Knowing you, you did not mean it intentionally.

    I see you didn’t respond to my comments. That’s because your entire post is bogus. There was not racism against whites. You were not in context.

    I do have some comments on your immigration proposals.

    A) You are overly focused on Mexican immigration. Thousands of foreign nationals come to the US on visitor visas and stay, including Irish, Poles, Albanian, Israelis, Turks, and Nigeria, among others. In many places in Florida, illegal immigration is Haitian.

    Yet as President you are solely focused on Mexico because the little voices you hear (the radio) tell you that’s where the problem is. Your solution is essentially a 60% solution.

    According to Lou Dobbs, a conservative expert on the subject there are an estimated 220,000 non-Mexican individuals apprehended trying to enter the United States in fiscal year 2005. That is a huge non-Mexico problem.

    B) Topologically, it is physically impossible for the fence to be “secure with no gaps.” There are places where the border shifts (such as the Rio Grande), other places where there are cliffs (impossible to fence).

    C) Clinton tried to go after employers who hire illegal aliens. There was huge lobbying effort. Congress dropped it.

    D) I don’t see how you think that If you that denying social benefits to illegals is even workable. At the most human level, what happens when a 5 year old gets hit by a car? Does she die in the streets because the ambulance refuses to pick her up, or does she die in the ER waiting room — all because she is brought to America?

    And what of the huge cost s you are imposing on hospitals? What measures must they use to verify legality? Checking a paper for forgery?

    Surely you are not suggesting every legal carry a health care verification card that they are both citizens and have health care? Because if you are, I welcome you as a supporter of the Democrat passed Obama Health Care Reform Act.

    4. Deny any social benefits to illegals. If it’s an emergency situation, treat the injury, and send them packing. If a child has been born here and is considered a US citizen, let them go packing also. Parents who come to the US to have a child just so they are US Citizens is a ridiculous idea and should be repealed.
    5. Continue to enforce the laws currently on the books and strike the term “Amnesty” from our language. Amnesty policies only create more illegals. (Hear that Reagan and W?)

    E) Amnesty is a cost saving solution to an incredible problem. The problem is how you handle illegals already in the US. There are three choices: catch them when ever you can (what we do now); spend huge amounts of money to find them all (huge, as in several Trillion dollars) an ship them back; or agree that the other two solutions are not working very well. It is better to know where they are, and to put them on a path to citizenship.

    If an illegal arrived here today legally, they could become a citizen in 5 – 6 years. An effective path to citizenship for illegals could then be citizenship in 6 years if they held a tax-paying job, or 10 years depending on gaps.

    Amnesty doesn’t make more illegals. That’s utter nonsense. What it doesn’t do is stop the flow of illegals.

    So, how much should we spend on catching illegals? Why not just spend the money on reducing the debt?

    (or are you suddenly a spend and waste Republican?)

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