Possibly the Dumbest Cop in America

I have great respect for law enforcement personnel.  They do the difficult job of protecting the law-abiding citizens from those dirt bags that decide to break the law.  Many times this dedication puts the officer in danger, but they do it anyway.  For that I applaud all police officers and others in related professions.

This past weekend, we have witnessed an incredible tragedy with the shooting in Arizona by a complete mad man hell-bent on killing a US Representative.  We’ve also witnessed an incredible amount of political gamesmanship and opportunism.  Attacks on leaders of the conservative movement like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh should have been expected.  It should not have been expected to come from the Sheriff of Pima County, Clarence Dupnik.

We’ve all watched how good law enforcement personnel handle situations like this – they give the media certain information about the case with parsed details.  They generally don’t comment on who is the cause before the FACTS come in and definitely don’t express their opinion.  Well, Sheriff Dupnik decided to use his 15-minutes of fame to his advantage and in the process became a darling of all the left-wing kooks.

Here’s a short video from an interview with Diane Sawyer:

Here’s another one:

And here’s how it went when Keith Olbermann interviewed the Sheriff:

Well there you go.  This guy had an agenda from the very start.  How despicable.  If he’s mentioning those on the right, why not mention hate and vitriol on the left?  I’ve been to several Tea Party events and have taken both of my kids to a couple.  I’ve not witnessed anything hateful or despicable at any of these events and if I had, those present would have taken action.

I hope the voters of Pima County remember how ineffective this guy is and vote him out at the next election.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Robs Rant

How touching.

3 Responses

  1. Well, it’s ironic that 50 years in law enforcement and seven consecutive re-elections in a very split district – he’s been sheriff since 1980 – doesn’t carry any weight with you. To me that qualifies the man to offer his expert opinion on contributory factors and prevailing atmosphere.

    But then, I’ve noticed that experience, long service and democratic elections don’t count for much any more in the US, unless you just happen to agree with what someone says.

    • Thanks for visiting the Rant. Glad to have you here.

      To your point, the fact that he has been reelected seven times and been in office since the dawn of man matters not. His career could have been steller up to this point, but this one act has shows that he is unfit to be in his office. It sounds to me that he’s been in office too long and needs to retire.

      A normal and ethical law enforcement professional looks at hard evidence, work the case and keeps personal opinions close to vest while catching the bad guy. Sheriff Dupnik is a horrible example of how to conduct an investigation. But at least Keith Olbermann is now his buddy, so he’s got that going for him!

  2. steller?

    Urban Dictionary: stellar
    1) a word used when something is most excellent

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