Those Damn Dirty Apes Finally Won

This is not so much a rant. Today one of our greatest actors died at age 84. I’m talking about Charlton Heston.

He was in a string of great movies that included The Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, El Cid and The Planet of the Apes. Another favorite movie of mine is Soylent Green – most people only know the line, “Soylent Green is People”. Very weird movie, but great none-the-less.
His body of work was very diverse and many actors today would not take the kind of risks he did. It seemed as if he just took every role and didn’t really care if anyone liked it or not. Fortunately for him, we liked a majority of his movies.
Later in life he became the grumpy old man with a gun in his affiliation with the NRA. I thought this was his greatest role and he was a perfect match.
Those damn dirty apes finally won.
Rob’s Rant