I Thought We Were Post-Racial

A pseudo-controversy erupted this week when a Wal-Mart in Louisiana decided to mark down black Barbies to $3.00, 1/2 of the former price.   The race-baiters took the story and cried racism.  Sounds more like something called retail economics and inventory control to me – I guess that makes me a racist.

Are you kidding Cafferty?  Wal-Mart values white parents rather than black parents?  Wal-Mart values green (money) more than anything.

From a Wal-Mart spokesperson:

“To prepare for (s)pring inventory, a number of items are marked for clearance, ” spokeswoman Melissa O’Brien said in an e-mail. “… Both are great dolls. The red price sticker indicates that this particular doll was on clearance when the photo was taken, and though both dolls were priced the same to start, one was marked down due to its lower sales to hopefully increase purchase from customers.”

“Pricing like items differently is a part of inventory management in retailing,” O’Brien said.

Marking the price down would make the dolls more accessible to parents.  Where is the problem here. I wonder what the cry would have been if the white Barbie was cheaper than the black one?  They would sell out the white Barbies, that is what would happen.

Wal-Mart is a business interested in making as much money as possible.  If they thought a product would sell at a higher price and increase their margin, they would do it.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

I Like Big Butts…er…um…I Mean Burgers

squarebuttsI was watching The O’Reilly Factor tonight and one of the segments talked about the Burger King Commercial that involves Spongebob and a rendition of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” or as most people know it “I Like Big Butts”.  The new version for the commercial is “I Like Square Butts” (Those of you who don’t know, Spongebob has a square butt).

The panel, along with O’Reilly, barely got the joke and thought it mildly funny but not really the type of ad that should be targeting kids to drag their parents to Burger King to get the new Sponge Bob Toy.  A part of the ad shows a females backside being measured (much like the original songs video).  One of the female panelists took issue with this image in light of young females being bombarded with unrealistic body types portrayed in magazines, movies, etc.  Not sure why she took issue – in the original song Sig Mix-a-Lot sang “I Like Big Butts”, not small ones, not emaciated ones, Big Ones!  That was the point of the song.  To me this should make those with a big butt, or those that think they have a big butt (which from my experience includes much of the female population) feel very good about their appearance.  I guess I’m just a neanderthal for bringing it up.

Spongebob Ad

Original Video – Baby Got Back (I Like Big Butts)

This comes on the heels of a controversial ad for the new Texan burger. I thought it was funny, and still do. You can make your own opinion below as I don’t get why this is such a big deal. Lighten up people!

Texican Ad 

Love it.  I smell a new sitcom!

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant