One Day to Go – The Messiah is Coming to Town!

The Messiah is on his way to Washington and President Bush will soon be on his way back to Texas. Soon, everything will be wonderful in the world with no more problems. We’ll all have more than enough money to pay our bills, the financial market will get better and that pesky war over in Iraq will soon end due to the Messiah’s intervention. At least that is what will be reported by the main stream news media.

Watch the news reports over the next couple of months and contrast them to those that transpired at the beginning of Bush’s first term. A great example of what will be to come is the coverage of the Inaugural expenses proposed by President-Elect Obama. It seems that just four short years ago the 40+ Million spent by President Bush was so extravagant that newspapers and other “journalists” made comparisons to what that money could buy to make things better for the troops, the homeless, etc. No such stories this time, even though the price tag is estimated to be 4x the 2004 Inauguration.

My initial thought is, do we really need any of this expense – especially if the taxpayers are footing the bill. I don’t care who the President is, this is frivolous spending in a time that the US is in a dire financial crisis. Obama could have really done good for himself by curtailing these expenses, but that’s really not in the cards. How about sponsors for everything?

This is yet another example of those in Washington really not getting it. Print more money and have a great party.

Of course, that’s just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant