Republicans Bail on Jindal

Only some Republicans bailed on Bobby Jindal in regards to the Republican Response to President Obama’s speech to Congress on Tuesday evening. I watched his response. Not sure what they were watching, but the content was incredible. Very positive, uplifting and reasoned. Sure, he can use some work on his delivery – but that can be developed. I guess at least he doesn’t stammer and stutter over his words like our current and former President.

Bottom line, I’m growing very tired of the Republican Party, although my discontent has been brewing for some time. When are we going to start valuing Substance over Style. America elected the biggest style merchant in Barak Obama – All Style, No Substance.

Many Conservative citizens in America are done with the Republican Party. I’m really convinced that they have no clue what the last two elections really meant. I’ll give them a clue: You strayed from your core beliefs and the mostly conservative American public abandoned your liberal light ideas. I don’t expect them to actually listen, but it was worth a try.

Of course, that’s just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant