Defeat John Murtha

StaffI received a Tweet this morning from Tim Burns, the individual that is hoping to take the House seat from Rep. John Murtha, democrat from Pennsylvania.  I have heard this gentleman speak on several programs and he seems like a genuine guy.  I don’t live in his district, but he would have my vote mainly because he is not John Murtha.

We have witnessed several good reasons to defeat this long time Representative.  The narrative just sort of writes itself, but I’m not sure the voters of Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional district are listening.  Rep. Murtha has brought home so much pork over the years, Mr. Burns has a long road ahead of him, but I do wish him luck.  Not because he is running as a Republican, but because we need to oust these kind of dinosaurs (Rep. Murtha) from public office. 

It is beyond my comprehension that the voters actually keep electing this guy, from reasons like calling his constituents racists,


to not answering questions from reporters,


to calls of outright corruption.


Hey all you voters in Johnstown, PA …what are you all thinking?  Are you guys on the gravy train also?  What fundamental problem do you have in electing this colossal boob every two years?  Maybe it’s too much for the uninformed voter to actually do diligent research.  New guys on the scene taking on a seasoned and entrenched incumbent usually have a difficult time making a case.  Hopefully the next election will be different.

I guess I can’t say much, we in Illinois have elected such great individuals as former Governor Rod Blagojevich, Senator Richard Durbin and once Senator Barak Obama.  Maybe common sense would prevail in Illinois if we separated Chicago from the mix (sorry, my down state bias coming out).

Of course, this is just my opinion.

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