Is Obama Giving Up Sovereign Land to Mexico?

I’m not sure what to take of this development, but it seems like we need to send some good ole boys down to the border to take care of business.

Why can’t we take care of this problem?   Is this all the Federal Government can do is put up signs?  And we wonder why Arizona is passing the laws that they are (by overwhelming majorities I might add.)

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

Obama Going After Speedy Gonzalez!

President Obama has announced that he is considering sending troops to the US-Mexico border.  The violence at the border is horrendous and is coming to a head in the Mexico streets.  All I can say is – It’s About Time!

President Bush was very weak when dealing with border issues.  Yes, a fence is being built, but we have done nothing to stem the flow of illegal aliens to the US. 

I’m a realist, I know this will not lead to comprehensive immigration reform.  No president in modern times has really wanted to deal with this crisis to our economy and social services.  Obama will be no different as they look at the illegals as potential voters to the democratic party. 

If I were President of the United States, here would be my 5-Point plan:

1.  Send US troops down to the border to stop the flow of illegals.

2.  Make sure the fence is secure with no gaps.  If we do some type of environmental damage, so be it.  The illegals inflict more damage near the border than anyone else.

3.  Go after employers that hire illegals and fine them, maybe put the owners in jail.  Start with the big companies and work you way down.  With the threat there, many of the problems will cure themselves.  Plenty of jobs for Americans presently out of work.

4.  Deny any social benefits to illegals.  If it’s an emergency situation, treat the injury, and send them packing.  If a child has been born here and is considered a US citizen, let them go packing also.  Parents who come to the US to have a child just so they are US Citizens is a ridiculous idea and should be repealed.

5.  Continue to enforce the laws currently on the books and strike the term “Amnesty” from our language.  Amnesty policies only create more illegals.  (Hear that Reagan and W?)

There is my 5-Point plan to fix the illegal immigration problem.  If these folks want to stand in line like all the other law abiding hopeful citizens, so be it.  We are a land of many people and cultures.  No where in the world is like this country, but you have to follow the law.  And last time I checked, they are called Illegal Immigrants for a reason – they have broken the law.

Of course, that is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant