Best Buy and the Used Car Salesman

Since when did Best Buy become like a used car dealership?  Actually, I’d now rather go to a used car dealership.

I needed to get a new tripod for my cameras.  I had done some online research and had narrowed down my options to two models.  I wanted to physically look at the two models and proceeded to the camera department.

I was in the store no more than 5 minutes total – that includes checking out and inspecting the tripods.  Within the first minute I was approached by two sales people (and yes, they were sales people not just workers.)  I am a social person, but I don’t usually engage in extended conversation with a sales person unless I initiate it.  I was asked by both associates (who were not more than 5 feet apart) what kind of camera I had and I got the idea they wanted to have a longer conversation.  I was trying to read the package and inspect the equipment – they were getting annoying.  They got the hint that I was fine and scampered off to accost other customers.

Right after this, I had someone come up to me asking if I had heard about the in-store promotion.  I stated nicely that I was not interested in anything but the item I was looking at.  He too, thanked me and went off looking for other prey.  I get the idea of providing good customer service, but I felt that this bordered on the annoying.

I have shopped at Best Buy for years and I remember when they were the “Bait and Switch” place back in the 80’s.  The bait and switch seems to have gone, but they have brought back the annoying salespeople.  If I can go somewhere else for these items (or shop online at another vendor,) I will.  These tactics will be the end of Best Buy one day.

I am also in the market for a used car….


Of course, that is just my opinion.

Rob’s Rant

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